Back to School Blog Hop

Thank you Linda for all the back to school tips!  Is it really that time, ALREADY!?  *sigh* ...I guess it is.

In an earlier post I showed you some pictures of my classroom.  Well, here is a photo dump update on the progress! :0)  



Look at that adorable little helper!  I love bringing him to school with me. 

My back to school to-do list is HUGE right now…PLEASE tell me yours is, too!  Anywho, one thing that is at the top of my list is to get my kiddos Data Notebooks ready.  I created and implemented these bad boys last year and they were wonderful!  I use them to give the kiddos some responsibility along with the parents.  Plus, any time I had a parent-teacher meeting they were extremely helpful!

Getting our Data Notebooks  ready is super easy.  But I'm not going to lie, it does take a good chunk of time.  First, I copy the cover and back on colored card stock  then laminate for durability.  Then, I copy each category separator on a different color of card stock, again for durability.  These puppies have to last the entire school year, and believe me, they get A LOT of use!  

Back Covers

Category Separator 

After that it smooth sailing... copy, stack, repeat!

I have all the Data Notebooks put together, with the kiddos names on them for our Back to School Night.  It is the perfect opportunity to explain what a Data Notebook is, what we will be using it for and what they are expected to do.  There will be TONS of questions, no doubt, but it is easier to answer the each question ONCE instead of 25 times!

My kiddos record their math and spelling scores in their notebooks every week (usually on Fridays).  Graphing is something that we spend a lot of time on in the beginning of the year.  Mastering those skills makes this process a whole lot easier.  Graphing their results motivates them to improve, they always want to see that graph get higher!  

At the end of nine weeks I spend time evaluating their skills in each category.  I send Data Notebooks and report cards home the same night.  The kiddos are expected to have a student-led conference at home with their parents, reflect on the quarter and make attainable goals for the next quarter.  The parents must sign their child's notebook, then return by the due date.  When the parents sign and return, that tells me that they know exactly how their child is doing at school.  At the end of the year, there should not be any surprises! :0) 

If you are interested in seeing more about my Data Notebooks, you can head on over to my tpt store and see a preview!  

Now...on to a FREEBIE! Parent Communication Log...I have a file folder for each kiddo and keep thier Parent Communication Log in there.  It is a great communication tracking tool.  I hope you find it useful!   

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  1. Love the pictures you posted. And I'm super jealous of your helper. Can it come to my classroom? ;) Loved your freebie and I will definitely be printing it out for my binder this year. Thanks for participating in this blog hop.

    Happy Saturday

  2. Whitney, your helper is adorable and your room is looking great! I know what it looked like before ;) so I can see you've put a lot of work into making it yours! I have the same blue polka dot borders and love them.

    I definitely need to try out your data notebooks... they look easy to use but so valuable. Thanks for the freebie!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. Room is looking great and love the data notebooks! :)

  4. Thanks, Gina! Let me know if you want a copy, I'd be happy to share with my Cumberland pals!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I love how these Data Binders really involve the kids in the process. What grade do you teach? I teach 2nd and was just wondering when you start the binder process. I am so happy to have found you in this blog hop. I've had so much fun hopping around tonight! I hope you will visit my Back to School Linky and share some of your great ideas. Happy to be a new follower!
    The Teacher’s Chair
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  7. Your room looks great. Just wondered where you got your number posters with the ten frames. Thanks!

  8. Hello, how can I get a copy of the parent communication log?

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