Spelling Patterns

This year we adopted a new reading series, National Geographic’s “Reach for Reading”.  So far, I LOVE it!  The readers are fabulous for guided reading…they make me do a little happy dance!  SOO I’ve spent most of my summer break getting ready for the new series. 

Spelling was an area that I struggled with last year…it was boring and I don’t do boring well.  :0)  This year I will introduce our spelling pattern with my Spelling PatternMini-Posters

After introducing the pattern, I plan to hang the poster in the room for the kiddos to use as a reference point.  When a kiddo says, “Mrs. Rippy, how do you spell bean?”  If we have studied the ea pattern, I 
can refer them to the spelling pattern posters.  I try to do EVERYTHING possible to make my kiddos independent.  I know they are only in 1st grade, but they can do it! These mini-posters are going to give them the tools they need to be more independent!

If you would like a copy of my Spelling Pattern Mini Posters you can head over to my tpt store and pick up a copy.  Later this week I will be blogging about how I use and implement my Data Notebooks...stay tuned! :0)  

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