TWO for TUESDAY: Sight Words

I'm linking up with TTT to give you 2 items that are 50% off for today ONLY! Today it is all about sight words.

The first product I want to tell you about is Captain Word Whiz.  I don't know about you, but i'm all about an easy and fun way to assess my kiddos on ANYTHING. Captain Word Whiz is an exciting way for your kiddos to master Fry Sight Words and having fun at the same time!  The best part is that today it is on sale for $3!

  Here is how it works for me...Each one of my kiddos has a list, most of my kids start with list 1, but it depends on their current level. They have the opportunity to practice their list during word work and it is also a homework requirement. Each day, I orally quiz each student on one page of their list.  Once they have mastered a page of five words, I whole punch next to the words.  When they have mastered the entire list, I make a big deal of it!  The whole class sings a superhero tune and they become “Captain Word Whiz” for the day! I picked up a cape that they can wear, give them a certificate and they get their new list. They have the chance to design their own superhero on their certificate! Below you can see pictures that I took last year of my kiddos.  I post their word whiz pictures on our classroom instagram and website, the parents go bananas over it!

I have also marked down SUPER Sight Word Practice, go grab it for $3!


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Monday Meet Up: 3 Random Things About ME!

My internet has just been revived back to life.  We were without internet for two weeks!  I'm ready to get back in the TTT Summer Bloggin' Series!  For today's meet up I'm telling you 3 random things about ME! Here you go...


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Worksheet Wednesday: Summer Bucket List

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Worksheet Wednesday.  Am I the only one who is in LOVE with their summer linky party?

The worksheet I'm giving away today is perfect for an end of the year activity filler.  It is a fun way to get ready for summer break.  Have your kiddos fill out their bucket list and share it with their friends!  

Enjoy! :0)

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Wordless Wednesday: End of the Year!

I'm joining in a fun and easy linky with Sugar and Spice...Wordless Wednesday!! 

I gave my room mom a pitcher with thank you notes from my kiddos as an end of the year gift.  She L.O.V.E.D. it!

What end of the year gift did you give your parent volunteers?


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School's OUT!!

Well folks, the time has come...It is officially SUMMER BREAK! WAHOOOO!!!  I have so much I want to accomplish this summer, but the biggest thing is to relax.  It was a rough year.

I had the sweetest room mom this year, she was on top of everything this year.  We had the best parties and she organized an amazing teacher appreciation week for me.  As a thank you, each kidddo wrote her a note about their favorite party and why she was a wonderful room mom.  I put all of the notes in a pitcher.  She LOVED reading all of the sweet notes from the kiddos.

This is one of the gifts my class gave me at the end of the year.  It is precious...seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.  This year was challenging, but I'm really going to miss my kiddos. *sniff*sniff*

I'm kicking off the summer by linking up with The Teaching Tribune!  This is my first TWO for TUESDAY.  I'm excited to grab some amazing products for 50% off! :)

Here are my two best selling items that I'm marking 50% off in my store...

Happy Shopping!


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