My Teacher, My Hero, My Mamaw

Hero…wow, that’s a big word.  

Those are big shoes to fill…hero.  

My teacher hero was one of the most loved teachers I have ever met.  She was the perfect mixture of kind, stern, loving, empathetic and the list goes on.  She was loved by many.  Many teacher awards were given in her name.  Learning was FUN in her classroom.  

Yes, she dealt with parents, unruly children, work place drama and standardized tests.  But she loved her kids.  After all, they were HER kids.  Not only did she love them, but she cared for them, fought for them and had high expectations of them.  She was a great teacher.  No, she was the BEST teacher.  The type of teacher that I strive to be.  

I was never in her class, but she taught me many things.  She taught me how to play, read and write.  She taught me how to be a lover, warrior and fighter.  She taught me how to be a Godly women and a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, friend and teacher.  She is my hero. 

Today, as we are reflecting on our heros…I’m thinking about the best woman I’ve ever known.  

My teacher. My hero. My Mamaw.

Who is your teacher hero?


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