Lakeshore Learning: Building Cubes

I don’t know about you, but Lakeshore Learning is my FAVORITE teacher supply store.  Seriously, I get giddy thinking about my trip next week!  My poor husband, this is what he does during my Lakeshore trips…

You can imagine my excitement when I saw this beauty sitting on my counter when I got home.

Here is what was in the package….Lakeshore Building Cubes! 

This year I really want to vamp up my math stations with more hands-on activities.  The building cubes are going to be the perfect addition to my math stations during our geometry unit!  BUT I wanted to test it out.  My favorite 3rd grader was kind enough to do the job for me.  Let me tell you, he LOVED them!  I cannot wait to introduce these to my firsties.

The BEST news is that the Building Cubes are apart of the HUGE back to school sale Lakeshore is having!  To find out more about the Building Cubes or anything else on sale, check out the Back-to-School Sale (now through Aug. 31) at Lakeshore Learning Stores nationwide featuring doorbusters up to 50% off and special in-store coupons! Or shop online at!  


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Who Doesn't LOVE a DOLLAR Sale?? :)

Alright friends, it’s that time again…the Indiana Bloggers have met up for another dollar sale!  I   L-O-V-E getting a good deal, which is what makes the dollar sale SO.MUCH.FUN!  

Here is what I marked down…

First up is my September Daily Math Booklet.  This booklet is an easy and effective math warm-up or math station. Each day the students complete the front using the “Number of the Day” and then solve a story problem on the back. It is essentially a more condensed version of a math notebook. 

Next up is my Author Study file.  I love the idea of a monthly author study in my classroom and I have been searching for a manageable way to incorporate it into my curriculum. This pack is the perfect way to incorporate an author study into your classroom. This pack includes a poster for each author included and two worksheets that allow your students to reflect on the books they have read and choose a favorite for each author.

This next file is one of my favorite creations this summer, Building Addition {Math Small Groups}. This pack includes 120 building addition prompts and a work mat. It was designed to use during math small groups but could also be used during math stations. Print the work mat on construction paper and laminate for your kiddos to use dry erase markers to work out each problem.

Last but not least, sight Words…who isn’t always looking for more sight word practice!?  This pack is an easy way for your kiddos to practice their sight words either independently or with a partner. The first 200 Fry sight words are included in this pack.

Have fun shopping this FABulous sale… I know I am! J


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Guided Math Conferences: Chapter 3

If you would like to read more about chapter 2, click the picture above.

The Structure of a Guided Math Conference

Let me start off by saying, if you do not have this book, order it NOW!  There was so much in this chapter I could probably write about it for a month!  So go…buy the book…you won’t regret it!

This chapter’s focus was on the structure of a guided math conference.  There was so much good information in this chapter, but I’m going to share with you the four main points.  

The structure of a guided math conference is as follows...

1.      Research student understanding and skill.
2.  Decide what is needed.
3.   Teach to student needs.
4.  Link to the Future.

Step One...

Step Two...

Step Three...

Step Four...

Click here to grab the PDF of these slides, print and keep handy for your conferences!

Can't wait to learn more about Guided Math Conferences?  Stay tuned! :)

Head on over to Finding JOY in 6th Grade to read more about Chapter 3!  

Join us and share your thoughts on guided math conferences!


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