Guided Math Conferences: Chapter 3

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The Structure of a Guided Math Conference

Let me start off by saying, if you do not have this book, order it NOW!  There was so much in this chapter I could probably write about it for a month!  So go…buy the book…you won’t regret it!

This chapter’s focus was on the structure of a guided math conference.  There was so much good information in this chapter, but I’m going to share with you the four main points.  

The structure of a guided math conference is as follows...

1.      Research student understanding and skill.
2.  Decide what is needed.
3.   Teach to student needs.
4.  Link to the Future.

Step One...

Step Two...

Step Three...

Step Four...

Click here to grab the PDF of these slides, print and keep handy for your conferences!

Can't wait to learn more about Guided Math Conferences?  Stay tuned! :)

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