Who Doesn't LOVE a DOLLAR Sale?? :)

Alright friends, it’s that time again…the Indiana Bloggers have met up for another dollar sale!  I   L-O-V-E getting a good deal, which is what makes the dollar sale SO.MUCH.FUN!  

Here is what I marked down…

First up is my September Daily Math Booklet.  This booklet is an easy and effective math warm-up or math station. Each day the students complete the front using the “Number of the Day” and then solve a story problem on the back. It is essentially a more condensed version of a math notebook. 

Next up is my Author Study file.  I love the idea of a monthly author study in my classroom and I have been searching for a manageable way to incorporate it into my curriculum. This pack is the perfect way to incorporate an author study into your classroom. This pack includes a poster for each author included and two worksheets that allow your students to reflect on the books they have read and choose a favorite for each author.

This next file is one of my favorite creations this summer, Building Addition {Math Small Groups}. This pack includes 120 building addition prompts and a work mat. It was designed to use during math small groups but could also be used during math stations. Print the work mat on construction paper and laminate for your kiddos to use dry erase markers to work out each problem.

Last but not least, sight Words…who isn’t always looking for more sight word practice!?  This pack is an easy way for your kiddos to practice their sight words either independently or with a partner. The first 200 Fry sight words are included in this pack.

Have fun shopping this FABulous sale… I know I am! J

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