Daily 5: Chapter 3

First things first, a HUGE shout out to Brenda from Primary Inspired for hosting this amazing book study.  I love daily 5.  Not a little crush...we are talking real Bachelorette style love, people.  *I also love trashy reality TV like The Bachelorette, but that is for another day. * :)

When I started daily 5 in my classroom it changed the way I taught.  I was a new teacher struggling to manage my reading block.  I'm sure you know the battle...reading workshop, Debbie Diller stations, seat work, oh my!  Which one do I choose?  What is BEST for my students?  I hated the feeling of being constantly behind in creating centers for my kiddos to complete.  Centers, lets be honest...are they really fostering a love of reading?  I was having this internal battle on a daily basis until I discovered daily 5.  It changed me.  I was less concerned about occupying my kids with busywork while I worked with small groups and MORE concerned with developing engaging small group lessons.  My friends, that is the way it should be.  No more lamenting stations every weekend...Hallelujah! 

Fast Forward to Chapter 3...The 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence.  Independence.  How can elementary students be independent.  It happens and let me tell you it is a beautiful, beautiful thing!  In their new book, The Sisters have layer it out into 10 easy steps.  Each step is unique and important to the process.  With that said, one thing I've learned thru the "daily 5 journey" is that I KNOW my kids better than The Sisters do.  Although I absolutely LOVE daily 5, I'm going to do what I feel is right for MY kids.  With that said, work on each step as they have outlined for us.  But at any point if you think..."you know, I really think my kids would benefit from xyz." DO IT...you are an educated professional.  TRUST your INSTINCTS! 

Here is the breakdown of The 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence.

One of the most important steps is Step 3, creating an I-Chart with your class.  You may think it seem redundant and completely ridiculous to go over these behaviors over and over again, but I promise you...it is not.  Create an I-Chart and find a prominent place in the classroom to display it.  It is a great reminder for your kids to see throughout the school year.

Coming together as a group to "check-in" is a great way to have a group discussion and build community among your students.  It is never too early to teach your kiddos how to self-reflect!  Here is a visual to help your kiddos reflect.

If you have not already, I would highly recommend purchasing the Daily 5 book.  This is just my OPINION about Daily 5.  Buy the book, read it, and let me know what YOU think!

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Summer Fun GIVEAWAY!

Hi, friends!  Today I am happy to share an awesome giveaway with you that my friends and I over at A Spark of Inspiration put together!  It's a summer fun prize pack and it is FULL of lots of goodies!  When I saw the Mary Kay Andrews book, that sealed the deal for me.  BEST.GIVEAWAY.EVER!  To enter, complete the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!  *U.S. residents only.*

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Bulletin Board Solutions #idon'tliketowastetime

What do you do with all of the cute projects or fantastic stories your kiddos write?  Does it go something like this?  Staple, try to remove without completely destroying the project(which consequently causes tears...lots of tears) or cutting yourself in the mean time, staple and repeat.

Well friends, if that is you I am about to make your life a lot easier.  Closes pins.  Yep, using clothes pins to hang student work verses staples has saved me a lot of time and headache!  Go ahead, add up how much time you spend stapling, un-stapling, then stapling again...it adds up!  And well, ain't nobody got time for that!  

Here is what I do...

Until next time!


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If you have already implemented daily 5 like me, but haven’t read the 2nd edition or have never read the book, NOW is the time!  An online book study begins June 20th.  The BEST news is that we are giving away FIVE copies of the book before it begins!

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