Fall is FINALLY Here!

We are on the down hill slide of September and I CANNOT believe how fast the school year has gone.  But I am soo happy that fall is finally here!  This year was my first year of team-teaching and I L-O-V-E it!  Honestly, I know it is not for everyone, but it has been fantastic.  We both have different strengths, so I feel like our students are getting the best of both worlds.  If you want to go stalk check her our head on over to http://firstiekidoodles.blogspot.com.

I am a huge dog lover.  I especially love labs and retrievers.  Here is a picture of my sweet baby…

Anyway, back to what I was talk about…we introduced setting a few weeks ago and this week we did comparing settings.  One of my favorite children’s books is, “Bad Dog, Marley!”, mostly because it reminds me of my own little pup!  We read “Bad Dog, Marley” and “Marley Goes to School” to compare their settings using a venn diagram on the board.  The kiddos loved it and well…so did I! :0)


Do your kiddos need a little extra motivation to make good choices as a class?  I’m not going to lie…mine do!  And a little bribery motivation, never hurt anyone!  I put some of my favorite fall whole group motivators that I use up in my tpt store this week.  You can complete four different motivators, you kiddos can earn pieces of a jack o’ lantern, apples, leaves and fire extinguishers.  Each motivator requires the students to earn pieces to complete either a word or an object.  When they have earned all of the pieces to their object or word, they will earn  a class reward.  A class reward can range from a  snack, movie, Adventure to Fitness or an extra recess!  My kiddos work to earn their pieces throughout the day.  They can also loose a letter if they are not making good choices.  We tend to struggle during lunch and recess.  Each day before recess, I remind them t hat if I receive a good report, they will earn a letter.  This serves as a good reminder and motivation to make good choices!  Here is an example of a motivator that we finished up this week….

We spelled the word POPCORN, now my kiddos will be having a popcorn party!  I think we will use the SAFETY motivator next.  It is getting close to fire safety week!  They are super easy to get ready, I laminate, cut and put magnets on the back of all pieces.  I hang my pieces at the top of our board.  This serves as a constant reminder! :0)

I’m going to leave you with a freebie today.  I am blessed to have several parents who volunteer to work from home.  I send them scholastic flyers to staple, lamination to cut out, the list goes on and on!  This year, I printed a thank you sign, glued it on an envelope, laminated it, and voilà…it’s ready to send home!  I hope you will get as much use out of this as I will! 

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