Holding your students accountable during DAILY 5!

I’m a big believer in daily 5.  Implementing daily 5 was a HUGE game changer for me as a professional.  I found myself spending less time planning assignments for my kids to work on reading, and MORE time actually reading with my kids.  As a result, I not only saw a significant increase in my kiddos reading ability, but more importantly they became voracious readers.  When I give my daily 5 “testimony”, the most frequently asked question is “How do you hold your students accountable?”  

The secret to keepings your students interested and holding them accountable is creating a sense of ownership.  This is true in any area of your classroom.  I start instilling this in my students at the beginning of the year and continue to encourage it throughout the year.

When my students are doing listen to reading they are responsible for completing a listen to reading response sheet.  At the beginning of the year I make lots of copies, mix them up and put them out next to my listen to reading station.

Each time my students listen to a book, they are responsible for completing a response sheet and turn it in.  Not only are my students learning responsibility, they are also learning to make choices for themselves.  Check out my listen to reading response sheets here
Book Clubs are essential to managing my students’ read to self time.  The first nine weeks I assigned my kiddos one book club packet.  Some students are ready for the challenge at the beginning of the year, others require more assistance.  I plan conference check-in times and give those students assignments to stay on task.  I use an AMAZING book club packet from Not So Wimpy Teacher, grab it here.

Do you have any more tips on holding your students acceptable during daily 5?  
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