Captain Word Whiz!

Captain Word Whiz is an exciting way for your kiddos to master those Sight Words and having fun at the same time!

Here is how it works for me
Each one of my kiddos has a list, starting with List 1. During their word work time, they practice their word list any way they choose. Each day, I orally quiz each student with their word list. Using a star whole punch, I punch out the star next to each word they have mastered. When they have mastered the entire list, they become "Captain Word Whiz" for the day! I picked up a cape that they can wear, give them a certificate(they design their own Superhero on the certificate) and they get their new list. I also take a photo of my kiddos to post on our classroom website, check it out 

You can check out my tpt packet, here...

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