Lines & Angles

This week we started our geometry unit.  I like to save geometry for second semester.  It is a great reprieve from all of the multiplication and division practice!  

We started by learning about a point, line, ray, and line segment.  I introduced each item with a movement, and then we practiced, and practiced, AND PRACTICED.  My kiddos love taking turns being the “leader”.  

Angles were next on the agenda.  I introduced angles in a similar way.  First, we used our arms to create the angles and to get out of our seats.  Then we moved to our interactive notebook.  After developing a definition for each angle as a class, the students wrote the definition and drew an example in their notebook.  You can find the angles flip book HERE.

We also did a fun name activity with angles.  It was really nice outside that day.  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to pull out the glitter...I was wrong.                                                This glitter gives me anxiety!  #alltheglitter                                                                                                                                                                              

I used the angles sort as a quick, informal assessment to see where my kiddos were before moving on to the next skill.  

Click HERE to grab the angle sort and 5 in a row game as a freebie from my tpt store.

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