Bright Ideas: Class Dojo

 It's about that time of year when we all start pulling things out of our "bag of tricks".  Class Dojo is a great resource I use every spring to re-motivate my kiddos.  All you have to do to get started is head over to Class Dojo and create a free account.  Once you have a "teacher" account, you can access all of their wonderful tools.  They just added a parent communication resource!

My primary behavior management system is a clip chart.  I use Class Dojo for my table groups.  Each table group works on earning points and the table group that has the most at the end of the week gets to pick from my binder rewards.  Here are some pictures of my kiddos...

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  1. Nice to meet you through this Bright Ideas Link Up! I love your blog name!

  2. I know this was from last year...but just came across this post and LOVE it! I use class dojo individually now, but will convert to table points through the end of the year to switch up it and motivate the kiddos! Thanks!