Burke’s Bucket List Fundraiser: Giving Robert the Luck of the Irish!

 Meet Angeline.  Angeline is 7. She is a darling little first grader in my team teacher's class this year.  She is spunky, sweet, kind, caring, helpful, hardworking, and silly!

Angeline’s mom told my team teacher, in the fall, that Robert, Angeline’s dad, had melanoma and prostate cancer. To say this year has been hard for their family would be an understatement.  Since talking to Kathi, Angeline’s mom, in the fall, Robert has had to undergo surgeries, laser treatments, numerous rounds of radiation, and testing upon testing.  They were recently told by Robert’s doctor that now may be a good time to start doing things on their bucket list.  Robert’s 3-5 year outlook had suddenly been replaced by a much shorter timeframe.  Because of the two forms of cancer, treatment options have been restricted. Because Robert’s treatments and doctor appointments have been so consistent and for such a long period of time that one hour drives to Indianapolis have become a staple for Kathi and Robert. Kathi still works full-time while taking care of Robert and Angeline.  As we all know, financial responsibilities do not go away but seem to increase during times like what Angeline’s family is going through. I know that it has been a challenging and stressful time for Kathi as she juggles all aspects of her life.

When I realized the seriousness of Robert’s situation, we could not simply stand on the sidelines and watch this sweet little girl and her precious family go through this experience alone.  I knew we had to help in some way, no matter how big or small.  I’m a go big or go home kind of girl, so I wanted to help Robert complete #1 on his bucket list-a vacation to Ireland.

So here’s what some gracious and generous blog friends and I are doing. We are donating some of our best products to make up a “Burke’s Bucket List Fundraiser” pack that we hope will raise money for Angeline and her family. For $18, you will receive 36 products!  This pack is valued at more than $200!  Our goal is raise enough money to send them to Ireland. You can scroll through and see all the amazing “must have” products in this packet for you to use this spring or next year. If you’re not a teacher and don’t really need the pack you can still help! There are different donation amounts on our TPT store for strictly monetary donations and no pack. Feel free to choose the dollar amount that suits you best.  All donations go straight to the family to help pay for their trip to Ireland. Thank you so much in advance for your help in spreading the word about this fundraiser and donations to help this sweet girl during this heart breaking time in their lives!

Head over and grab this pack and let’s send the Burke’s to Ireland!  

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  1. This is so sweet of you to work on this for the family! :) I will try to promote as much as I can & I hope we can help them get to Ireland!

  2. Whitney,
    I hope you are finding lots of people who can help this family. You are a great friend to them to get this going. I posted on my blog about it tonight. I hope it brings you closer to your goals.

  3. Thank you Patty and Jenny, I really appreciate your help!!

  4. That ugly cancer just doesn't know how to leave good people alone. Our prayers are with this family.

  5. Wow! What an amazing idea! We have a student at my school who has brain cancer himself...diagnosed last year, in second grade. A teacher's husband was also just diagnosed with acute leukemia and wasn't given long. My prayers are with you, your school, and this family. I'll certainly post a link to your story on my blog. Just remember, God has a plan for all, whether any of it makes sense to us or not!

  6. It's very nice of you all of you to do this. I just bought this pack and praying he's able to fulfill his dream trip to Ireland.
    First Grade Dual